List of possible supervisors of master theses and examiners for oral master examinations. Some examiners also have special leaflets etc.. - can be found on the webpages of the respective research group.

Learning Contract for Master Thesis - this is to be created before starting on the work. Please enter an end date that is realistic. 9 months is equivalent to full-time work at the thesis = 45 CP. If the date cannot be met, a written request for an extension must be submitted to the Geosciences Program Office with a justification, the new submission date, and the signatures of the student and supervisor.

Master thesis Formalities: Declaration on Scientific Integrity: This declaration must be included as the last page of the master thesis. When asked whether this declaration is supplemented by a separately concluded agreement ... check "no", as our work is basically in the public domain and thus no additional agreement is necessary.
Specimen Copies: At least one copy each will go to the supervisors and for archiving to the library of the respective supervisor. With regard to the equipment, only a ring binding is not required. For further information see guidelines and websites of the research groups.
Plagiarism Information Sheet

Evaluation form  master thesis: must be submitted together with the evaluated study contract and a copy of the title page to the study program secretariat, Ms. Gisin. The submission must be made by the Thursday before the start of lectures of the coming term at the latest, so that further enrollment is no longer necessary - see regulations concerning compulsory enrollment for the acquisition of credit points and taking of examinations. Students must arrange the deadline with the supervisor accordingly. The supervisor should make the assessment no more than 6 weeks after the submission of the work.

Master's Examinations: Students make an appointment with the examiners. Subsequently, a personal registration with signature must be made at the study program secretariat, Ms. Gisin. For further information, see the guidelines.
Leaflet examination inspection

Degree: A letter of intent as for the bachelor's degree is not required to be submitted, but the recommendation is that a module assignment be sent to the program office for review prior to the start of the lecture period of the final semester - - so as to ensure that all required courses have been completed or taken.

As soon as the documents of the assessed Master's thesis (in most cases this is the last missing achievement) have been received by the study program secretariat, they are submitted to the Dean of Studies for the preparation of the certificate together with the grade sheet of the Master's examinations and the module assignment. Thus, no individual examination results, e.g. of the 1st oral Master's examination, are entered in MOnA in advance. The Master's certificate is issued promptly - i.e. not only at the end of each semester. The date of issue corresponds to the date of the last assessed performance.



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